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BellaSkin Inc. BellaSkin Collection - Offers new and exciting products for skin care and anti-aging

September 5, 2018

BellaSkin Inc. BellaSkin's Collection - offers new and exciting products for skin care and anti-aging.

Luxury Perfection Caviar Concentrate - Mini-Lift Serum - this new advanced formula combines luxurious caviar extracts, hydrating complex and bio-engineered technologies to deliver immediate and effective firming and toning actions.

The power of Caviar - Caviar extracts is loaded with proteins, vitamins and minerals, and they have a cell format similar to human skin. It helps speed up the natural production of collagen, and in time it helps to plump up and thicken the skin and give a younger, firmer appearance. This unique combination of bio-stimulators, vitamins, micro-elements and amino acids assures luxurious care for your skin.

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