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Luxury Caviar Anti-Age Cream & Dark Spot Corrector 1.7oz(50ml)

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Luxury Caviar Anti-Age & Dark Spots Corrector


* Acts as a comprehensive anti-aging and skin rejuvenation cream.

* Helps eliminate visible signs of aging.

* Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

* Corrects dark spots.

You can finally get healthy, young and glowing skin at home with Luxury Caviar Anti-Age Cream & Dark Spots Corrector.

Years been spent perfecting our unique anti-aging formula that also uses proven clinically tested ingredients such as Demaxyl Peptide - which is effective for anti-aging and anti-wrinkles.

Lumiskin - is effective for dark spot and pigmentation correction. Caviar Extracts - which are far more effective for the skin than many other ingredients due to the cellular structure being similar to that of skin. Caviar extracts have omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids: these two nutrients are part of a healthy diet and promote healthy, glowing, and balanced skin. It also helps to repair and reduce cellular inflammation. Caviar works alongside the skin's natural process to stimulate collagen production and minimize signs of aging like wrinkles and dark spots.

The Power of Caviar - Research studies have revealed that caviar extract promotes skin rejuvenation, because the chemical composition of caviar cells is very similar to that of young epidermal cells, with large proportions of essential fatty acids, amino acids, mineral salts, Vitamin B, Zinc, Iron.

Directions: How to Use:

Apply to clean face at night. Apply all over avoiding the eye area.



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